Testimonials for Menopause Rebel with Kim Rendon

"I have been doing phone visits with Kim for about 6 weeks. I weighed myself last week and have lost 10 pounds. I appreciate her help without making me feel bad if I do not succeed one week."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Tracy A.
“The Clarity Catalyst program has done so much for me and my mindfulness. Kim is an excellent coach. Kim is diligent, kind-spoken, and makes you feel so comfortable."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Maria V.
"Kim is a great listener, she's very calm and let's you have the time needed to make yourself realize things. I enjoyed being her client."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Jessica T.
"Kim is open and kind. She listens and makes sure she understands what your goals are. As a Registered Dietitian, she has valuable knowledge to help people with improving their health and their life."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Mary H.
“I scheduled an appt with Kim because I was having problems with bloating. Kim narrowed down what foods might be causing the bloat after asking about my diet, what’s new in it, and a lot of other questions. The top food that she thought might be triggering the bloat, I hadn’t even considered, but now I can’t believe I didn’t consider it sooner. I now have a plan for verifying which food(s) are causing me issues. I highly recommend Kim if you’re looking to improve your gut health.”
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Melissa D.
Google Review 2022
“Kim is absolutely what I was missing in my life. I have struggled for years with perimenopause and with menopause. My weight, brain fog, low sex drive, and lack of motivation have made life miserable. Kim has been encouraging, she's helped me find resources that are giving me incredible results, she listens and is there for any little thing I need. I can't thank her enough for everything she's doing.”
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Amanda L.
Facebook Review 5/20/2022
“Kim shared the exact diet I need to follow for my brain fog and to lose weight. She helped me more in an hour than other coaching I've had in the past!”
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Lori A.
Facebook Review 6/14/2022
"It's been about 5 weeks since my first gut health appointment with Kim. She's helped me to narrow down what foods were causing the horrible bloating I'd been experiencing. Before my appointment with Kim, the bloating would be so bad that my belly felt like a balloon about to pop, but the bloating has gotten so much better now that I know what triggers it."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Melissa D.
Facebook Review 7/16/2022
"It was such a pleasure having Kim as my coach! She provided exceptional support and guidance where I felt comfortable with her to share my problems. The initial consultation allowed us to identify my specific gut health issues and set personalized goals to address them effectively. The 8-week journey was filled with invaluable knowledge and practical tools that I incorporated into my daily routine. Each week's module was thoughtfully designed, covering various aspects of gut health, including nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, and mindful eating. The program didn't just focus on symptom relief but aimed to understand and address the root causes of my gut issues. I learned how to make healthier food choices and how certain foods can either trigger or alleviate my digestive symptoms. The recipes and meal plans provided were not only delicious but also easy to follow, making the transition to a gut-friendly diet seamless. I always looked forward to the sessions with Kim as she was very flexible and understanding of my needs. As the weeks passed, I began to notice remarkable improvements in my gut health. Bloating improved significantly & my energy levels soared. It felt like a fog had lifted, and I was experiencing life with newfound clarity and vitality..."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Veena R.
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