The Menopause Rebel FAQs

You probably have several questions. Hopefully, this will help answer some of them. Call 231-923-6812 if your question is not answered here or to schedule your FREE 30-Minute consultation. 

The Menopause Rebel with Kim Rendon is located in rural Hart, MI. Nearby cities include Muskegon, Ludington, Grand Haven, and Grand Rapids. However, all appointments are virtual appointments using Zoom. Clients can be anywhere across the U.S.

You want to go with the health and nutrition coach that is the best fit for you. I specialize in helping perimenopause women find better health and live their best life. I’ve been through it myself and with my background, I was able to help myself go through the changes easier.

In addition, not all nutrition and health coaches are the same. There are many people out there who do not have the education, knowledge, and experience to actually help but are calling themselves nutrition and health coaches because it is legal for them to do so.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics with 25 years of experience, and I am a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Hormone Health Specialist, and a Certified Gut Health Specialist.

Testimonials are also important to know that you are getting a reputable health coach.

Please ask about our available payment options.

Have a quiet place to talk uninterrupted, bring your questions, and be honest. You gain nothing by withholding the truth.

I love to see people face-to-face, but appointments by phone call or FaceTime, or if you do not have a camera for Zoom, are just fine.

It really depends on the individual. A safe weight loss amount is usually considered to be around 1-2lbs per week. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as your level of hormone imbalance and gut health, and your level of physical activity. 

Perimenopausal women who are willing to spend time and energy on building better health and feeling the absolute best they can as they age.

A health coach will listen to you and help you to dig deep to find the answers for yourself. You will be supported, but never made to feel bad for not meeting your goals. A health coach is a supportive but firm cheerleader. You are supported in a holistic way, using food as medicine, while mind, body, and spirit are considered.

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