Perimenopause Health Coach for Women

The Menopause Rebel with Kim Rendon offers three different health coaching programs to fit your individual or groups needs.

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RevjuveLife Program


Gut Health Program Butterfly


Perimenopause Health Coach for Women

The Menopause Rebel provides online health coaching services across the U.S., but is located in rural Hart, MI, and is close to Muskegon, Ludington, Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven. 

There are three programs to choose from based opon your individual needs:

  • The Metamorphosis – Gut Healing Program: An immersive, personalized six-month program designed to help you heal your gut from the inside out. This one-on-one program takes a holistic approach, addressing the interconnected aspects of mind, body, and spirit to create lasting change.
  • RejuveLife: Are you struggling with menopause symptoms and looking for a natural way to find relief? Discover RejuveLife, an innovative 8-week group coaching program designed to help you start healing your gut and alleviate menopause symptoms.
  • ReGenesis: Are you a woman seeking relief from menopause symptoms and looking to transform your life? ReGenesis is the perfect solution – a transformative 12-week, one-on-one program designed to help you feel your best during this significant life transition.

Call The Menopause Rebel with Kim Rendon at 231-923-6812 to get started with a hormone health specialist and health coach to help you live your best life in perimenopause and beyond.

“Kim is absolutely what I was missing in my life. I have struggled for years with perimenopause and with menopause. My weight, brain fog, low sex drive, and lack of motivation have made life miserable. Kim has been encouraging, she's helped me find resources that are giving me incredible results, she listens and is there for any little thing I need. I can't thank her enough for everything she's doing."
Gut Healing Program Metamorphosis
Amanda L.
Facebook Review 5/20/2022
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