How to Survive the Holidays

Healthy eating for the holidaysThe holidays are here. All the goodies, foods, and drinks are here, too. But, did you know that most adults gain weight during the holidays but only tend to lose a pound or two? Over the years, that adds up to a lot of extra pounds! So what can you do to limit the unwanted weight? Here are a few tips to get you through the holidays:

  1. Plan ahead – Have healthy meals planned, eating the best you can on the days with no parties planned.
  2. Keep up with your physical activity routine, including the days of parties. Make that day an extra good workout. If you can’t get a workout in one day, try to do some activity.
  3. Take a healthy dish to pass.
  4. Look over all the food before filling your plate. If food is especially decadent, only take tiny samples.
  5. Use a smaller plate for better portion control. Eat slow and savor your foods and wait 10 minutes after finishing your plate before deciding to take seconds.
  6. Eat a small, nutritious snack before going to the party.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated with water.
  8. Limit alcoholic beverages. They are full of unwanted sugars.
  9. Get plenty of sleep. We tend to overeat when we are tired.
  10. Focus on family and friends with gratitude rather than on the food.

If you are looking for more support this season, join the Surviving the Holidays support group on Facebook. You’ll have a group of like-minded, supportive women. In addition, there will be healthy recipes and tips to be shared. Support will be provided from November 28th through December  22nd. The cost is $100.

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